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Black Magic Cloud at PSConfEU 2022

by 10 Jun, 2022Exchange Online, powershell, Security

Black Magic Cloud at PSConfEU 2022
Black Magic Cloud - 8

Black Magic Cloud at PSConfEU 2022 is one of this year’s highlights in our still young company history. Because the Black Magic Cloud will not only participate – No: the motto is: Right in the middle instead of just being there! We’ve made appearances at other conferences, including Teams Summit, M365 Summit, and Teams Day Online, as well as Domino Camp ’22. Now our CEO Andreas Hähnel got the sensational opportunity to be a speaker at the PowerShell Conference Europe (from 20.06. – 23.06.2022) in Vienna.

You can expect a lot of tips and tricks from practice, because Andreas has 2 sessions in his backpack:

Session 1: From the field – Building a secure script with Graph API

This session is worthwhile for everyone – from beginners to long-time PowerShell professionals. Because the Microsoft Graph API is growing and growing – sooner or later you can’t get around it. Microsoft has taken another big step in this direction with the still quite young PowerShell Graph SDK. This PowerShell module encapsulates Graph API calls in a PowerShell-compatible format!

Using modern tools is very cool and also hip – however, there are always some pitfalls to consider here, so that the cool new script cannot become a gateway for attackers. The essential basics, what to consider, how to secure your script fundamentally, … This and more will be shown to you in this session using practical examples. The focus is on the Graph API authorization model, authentication via certificate or secret, conditional access, scoping and more.

Have you become curious? Then come by on Tuesday 06/21/2022 at 16:00 in Track 4!

Session 2: From the field – PowerShell, Exchange Online and MS Graph – the 3 musketeers

Microsoft is doing everything it can to shut down Basic Authentication as soon as possible. So it urgently needs an alternative to POP3 and IMAP. Microsoft does offer the implementation of OAuth2 as a supplement to POP and IMAP, but this offer is unfortunately not taken up by many manufacturers; these highly insecure interfaces remain widespread. So what to do? The answer is obvious: moving to the Microsoft Graph API. Retrieving data from mailboxes is not as difficult as you might think at first glance. So is sending an email. Andreas Hähnel shows the participants how this works in practice.

As another goodie, he talks about Graph API Exchange connections that he has seen in his previous projects or implemented himself. This session is rounded off by a trip to Azure Functions and Azure Automation, with which such automations can be implemented with ease (ideally even for free).

Have you become curious? Then drop by on Thursday 06/23/2022 at 11 am in Track 3!

Black Magic Cloud at PSConfEU 2022 – Where are the tickets still available?

If you don’t have a ticket yet, you should quickly visit PSConfEU – PowerShell Conference Europe and secure your personal ticket. There are many more very cool sessions waiting for the participants – it’s worth it!

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