PowerShell basics training

Kursvorteil: Learn the basics of Powershell and how to apply them in practice.

Kursdauer: 6 hours

Standort: Online course

Kurskosten pro Teilnehmer: € € 199 per participant exkl. 19% MwSt

PowerShell basics training

PowerShell has increasingly become an essential part of daily administration since Exchange Server 2007. Microsoft has made great efforts to develop a language that is easy to learn for beginners as well as for those switching to PowerShell. Nowadays, there is no way around PowerShell. On the one hand, there are administrative actions that cannot be done via a GUI (e.g. on-premises conversion of user mailboxes to shared mailboxes), on the other hand, PowerShell offers the unique option to automate complex recurring actions. This workshop teaches all the required basics to understand and familiarize yourself with PowerShell and to find your way around the console.


Course content

In this course you learn:

  • How PowerShell works behind the curtain
  • Variables in PowerShell
  • Operators in PowerShell
  • Loops and conditions in PowerShell
  • Functions in PowerShell
  • PowerShell Modules
  • Security in PowerShell
  • File type handling in PowerShell
  • Log file creation
  • Script development with Visual Studio Code or PowerShell ISE
  • Script debugging

All learning content is underpinned with practical examples to reinforce what has been learned.


Target audience:

  • Developers
  • Automators
  • IT-Admins

Course duration

  • approximately 6 hours


German, English


Number of participants

Minimum: 4 participants

Maximum: 10 participants


Workshop fee

The stated fee is per registered participant and is payable 10 working days before the workshop date. In case of cancellation by the organizer, the date will be re-coordinated or the fee will be refunded upon agreement. In case of cancellation by the contractor, 50% cancellation fee will be charged.


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