Get to know Microsoft Viva

Kursvorteil: Learn what added value Microsoft Viva can bring to your business.

Kursdauer: 3 x 2 hours

Standort: Online course

Kurskosten pro Teilnehmer: € € 299 per participant exkl. 19% MwSt

What is Microsoft Viva?

Microsoft Viva is the latest product developed in Redmond to increase employee well-being. Microsoft provides a large toolbox of functionalities for this purpose. The Corona pandemic has impressively shown that a company should take measures to avoid overloading employees and at the same time to master the flood of information so that all employees – regardless of their position – are always well informed about all new developments. In this context, the location where information is stored and its retrievability play a central role. Finally, this culminates in the education and training of employees (directly and indirectly).


Course contents

  • Hybrid working in the modern working world
  • Teams as a central tool for organizing the workday
  • Viva Connections – the modern form of intranet based on SharePoint Online
  • Viva Topics(*) – Manage and find information and information carriers
  • Viva Learning – continuing education with the help of internal and/or external sources in teams
  • Viva Insights(**) – personal work habits, break planning and optimization of employee well-being.
  • Which Viva content is free and which is paid?
  • Viva and privacy – how do I protect personal data when I use Viva?
  • Which technical steps are required to implement Viva in a company?

(*) Viva Topics can be supplemented with SharePoint Syntex. Syntex will not be covered in depth as part of this workshop.

(**) The creation of supervisor and manager dashboards and reports is not part of this workshop.


Target Audience

  • Cloud Solution Architects
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Human Resources
  • Corporate Communications


Workshop length

The workshop is held in three 2-hour appointments. These will be individually coordinated with you when booking the course.



German, English


Number of participants

Minimum: 4 participants

Maximum: 10 participants


Workshop fee

The stated fee is per registered participant and is payable 10 working days before the workshop date. In case of cancellation by the organizer, the dates will be re-coordinated or the fee will be refunded upon agreement. In case of cancellation by the contractor, 50% cancellation fee will be charged.

Under certain conditions there is the possibility that Microsoft sponsors this workshop. In this case we are able to offer this workshop completely free of charge for you! We will automatically check this possibility for you upon registration and arrange everything necessary.

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